Monday, August 25, 2008

Wishing on Someone Else's Star

I have been a little down lately, and I found some lyrics to a song by Bryan White called, "Someone Else's Star."

Alone again tonight
Without someone to love
The stars are shining bright
So one more wish goes up
Oh I wish I may
And I wish with all my might
For the love I’m dreaming of
And missing in my life

You’d think that I could find
A true love of my own
It happens all the time
To people that I know
Their wishes all come true
So I’ve got to believe
There’s still someone out there who
Is meant for only me
I guess I must be wishing on
Someone else’s star

It seems like someone else keeps getting
What I’m wishing for
Why can’t I be as lucky
As those other people are
I guess I must be wishing
On someone else’s star
I sit here in the dark
And stare up at the sky
But I can’t give my heart
One good reason why
Everywhere I look
It’s lovers that I see
It seems like everyone’s in love
With everyone but me
I guess I must be wishing on
Someone else’s star

It seems like someone else keeps getting
What I’m wishing for
Why can’t I be as lucky
As those other people are
I guess I must be wishing
On someone else’s star
Why can’t I be as lucky
As those other people are

Oh, I guess I must be wishing
On someone else’s star

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pictures I have been promisin

Hello, Here are some pictures of events this summer that I have promised:

Grandpa Lambert and I climbed the Nicolet tower in June. You can see 3 states from the top of this tower. Grandpa is 91 and he climbed the tower better than I could!

Finally, a picture of my granite patio! Its wonderful to sit out there and enjoy the summer sun and breeze.
Hope you enjoyed! Time to go ice my knee again.


Well, last night I was part of an adventure at Fort Sisseton. There are many many ghost stories surrounding the Fort, and my dad was recruited for a family reunion to tell some of the stories from his many years of working at the Fort at night.

After the campfire stories, the crew went on a lantern tour to tour the buildings and the grounds. This is where I enter the story. My dad asked me to record a disc with some 'sounds' of the Fort that people have heard from time to time. They included a bugle, marching, horse whinny and others. My friend John and I hid behind buildings, in the breastworks (dugouts since the fort couldn't build wood walls) and such.

It was in the breastworks near the fort Jail that I took a turn for the worse. I tripped and ripped up my knee. No blood, since its all on the inside. I can't even walk on my knee at this point. But, I'm going to offer it up and hopefully I won't need to go to the Dr. tomorrow... but if i do, I will. IN fact, an X-ray or two couldn't hurt. I do think there is some damage under the kneecap, as I can't turn it or walk on it.

Just thought I would share with you the latest and greatest floop that has happened to me! haha. Have a great day! I'm sure i'll be on my couch all day.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well, my goals of updating daily and having some fun things posted has failed miserably this summer, as has my morning exercise routine. Hopefully once the routine of school has set in, things will be 'good' again. haha

So an update on the parents, they are doing well. Mom didn't have surgery, but at this point, we're taking it as a blessing. Dad still needs some work on his back, and we're taking that as it comes.

My garden has produced wonderful cucumbers and it looks like the crop will be great for Watermelons, pumpkins, squash and tomatoes! Sadly, my strawberries aren't producing and I'm going to dig them up and put them in my basement for the winter and see if anything comes of them. I'm also not so sure about my celery and my onions. I hope they do well. OH! I forgot about my peppers! My green Jalepenos are doing wonderful and the belle peppers (red and yellow) are coming slow but sure. I'm hoping that I have lots of peppers to spice up my fall and winter! Apple tree is doing well, too. I will have some great apples for pies and i'm hoping to try my go-round at pie making and applesauce making. I have a sauce recipe that I hope will be great.

I have the blessing as of late to be a gracious host to some friends that need a place to crash. Its a great thing to be 'in need' and to do wonderful things for people. My friends that have needed a place to crash have been very thankful for the bed and I've been very grateful to God for being able to host people. Praise the Lord!

Ranching has been keeping me busy as well. I have been out haying and hopefully we will have enough hay stored up for winter for the cows.

My aunt's inlaws are having a family reunion at Fort Sisseton State Park, about 8 miles from my house. My dad is going to go out there this evening and tell Ghost stories about the Fort. (there are many!) and I'm going to play 'backup' and have some sound affects hidden around the corners! hehe... I'm so evil!

Well, off to wash dishes and enjoy this wonderful Saturday! Praise God for such great days such as this. These are the days I long for all winter.

School starts in a week, so its time to hunker down and get ready. I'm working on writing lesson plans and planning exactly what is going to go on for the first week. Once the first week is over, its smooth sailing!

Speaking of school, I got an "A" and a "B" respectively in my graduate classes this summer. Praise the Lord! I was really worried about my graduate research class.

If you get a moment, check out my friend Jen's blog, She's way better at updating and has some awesome pictures.

Well, off to enjoy a perfect day made in the Lord!