Sunday, March 23, 2008


"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here. He is Risen!"

ALLELUIA! Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Major decisions!


I have major decisions in my future. Northern State University has offered me a job in their center for Statewide E-Learning. My school has offered me my contract back as well. I have to decide which job is the one that God wants me to have. I have decided to make a pro/cons list to share with you and see which you decide is worth it:

Northern State University:

University Job.
Stable employment
Chances to share faith and such
daily mass/adoration opportunities
My girlfriend lives here
Chance to 'get out on my own' away from my family
I won't have be at this job forever.
more people to spend time with.
Master's classes are right next door to my office.
As is the ability to get other teaching accreditations
Groceries are cheaper, more choices for food, more often.
drive only a few blocks to work, thus saving gas
could go back to my old doctor that recently moved to aberdeen.

My family isn't there.
Its not teaching.
I'd have to move.
Its virtually the same pay that i'm making now
loans won't be forgiven while working there, thus more of my pay is going to go towards loan payments.
further away from Latin Masses


Costs less to live here.
House is already ready for me to buy, no need to find a place.
Small town living at its finest.
Ranch is here.
I will be working with kids full-time.
I can get a Master's for virtually free
I have some student loans getting paid off while teaching up here.
I really enjoy my job!
closer to Latin Masses and the Interstate

My girlfriend isn't here.
Not many people to visit with here.
Very little faith sharing/support
No daily Mass on a regular basis here.
gets lonely
Dont' get to TLM's anyways because no one to go with.
drive 30 miles to work a day already, thus wasting gas and $$.
still looking for a new primary care doctor.

So there. there are a lot of decisions to make and choices to decide upon. I'm going to offer them up to God and let it be done according to his will.

Amen, so be it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

Hello once again. Today is Palm Sunday, the day that begins Holy Week. At Mass today, we will hear two Gospels and recount at the first one Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on a Donkey, with the crowds waving palm branches and praising him saying, "Hosanna to the Son of David, the King of Israel!" and then not 15 minutes later, we will have a Gospel reading about Jesus' suffering and death. It is definitely a Sunday of mixed emotions. First we celebrate our Lord, then we suffer with him.

Anyways, before I go, I want to share this parody picture with you, courtesy of the Curt Jester.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time gets away from a person!

Hello again from the Country boy!

It has been since Ash Wednesday that I have posted. Thats nearly 40 days! Have I been out in the desert? No, not exactly. Have I been out on the ranch? As time allows, yes. Have I been entirely away from technology and the way of the computer? no. I have been very busy with my school year, that is all.

As a special education teacher, it is the time of year that paperwork is inundating lives, especailly with IEP's coming due for renewal and other meetings and such. It is also the time of year teachers are referring kids for services like crazy. This is all good stuff, though. It means we are meeting the needs of children and attempting to do our best to serve them as they need to be served... even if the paperwork is crazy!

I have also been a Destination Imagination coach at our school (see My group of girls (5 3rd graders, 1 4th grader and 1 5th grader) competed at the regional competition on March 8th in Aberdeen, SD. We received first place for our performance and are heading on to state competition April 5th in Pierre, SD. This is definitely good news! I'm proud of my girls. There will be a picture of their acheivements in the Sota Iya Ye Yapi, the newspaper of the Sisseton- Wahpeton Oyate. If I haven't told you, I teach at a tribal school on the Lake Traverse Dakota Indian Reservation in northeastern South Dakota.

ANYWAYS... contracts were renewed last week at school and I am hired on for another year! I just wish I knew what next year would bring for me. This year I started out teaching Kindergarten, and then was asked to move to special education. It has been a great learning experience, but I really wish I could be in a regular education classroom again in the fall. I do miss the children and the daily grind. Not that special education is boring! haha

ANYWAYS... calving has begun on the ranch and we have lost a couple. Yesterday I was at the ranch and my brother had taken a calf into the basement of the house because the mother hadn't claimed it yet. The poor calf didn't make it. I'm sure there will be several late nights creeping upon me where I will have the pleasure of checking cattle at 11:00pm with Pa and brother and hauling calves in by the sled full with the 4-wheeler.

I'm dealing on a cutting horse, so that I can help with moving/sorting cattle. Little do brother and Pa know that I'm doing this. I think having a good horse around again will be beneficial. I hate 4-wheelers with a passion. Let the record show that.

Holy Week is upon us starting tomorrow with Palm Sunday. It is definitely going to be a busy and interesting week. I'm not sure exactly what I will be doing and where, but I pray that it will be a good time for me and for all. I need to get deeper into my relationship with Jesus again. I'm sure Jesus keeps saying to me, "I'm right here!!" and I need to listen to that voice more often.

Well, I tried to get the bolt off of my oil pan so I could change the oil in my jeep, and I was very unsuccessful. I'll just take it into the shop on Monday, I guess... maybe I will give it another try tomorrow. We'll see.

Until then!