Sunday, June 29, 2008

better late than never!

Well folks, it looks like time is getting away from me lately!

My garden is finally starting to grow. It was so cold here in May and early June that the garden was sort of catatonic and not really interested in growing. Now, we've had about 2 weeks of really nice weather. A few days were 'hot' but most were just pleasantly warm. Luckily, it was enough to spur some growth! yay! I have blossoms on my pumpkins and it looks like 2 of my tomato plants are goin to be spitting forth blossoms soon. My strawberries, however, look like they need some emergency help. I'm trusting in God to do so! haha.

What else is new in my life? Well, I visited a friend of mine, Fr. DeWayne Kayser in Britton. He showed me his new patio he made in his backyard with scrap granite. It looks awesome. I'm hoping to do the same in my yard soon. Its free granite from a local granite company that has a 'reject' pile. Its going to be a challenge to get enough granite home, due to its weight, but it will sure be a fun challenge! This is going to replace my ideas for a deck addition. I think it will be a nice space and will add character to the yard. Now the question is, do i do this in the front yard or the back yard? My front yard has more privacy, but my backyard is the typical space for a patio and its a space that is under-used. Time will tell what I do with this space.

My garden shed is yet to be built. I haven't necessarily had the time, nor the supplies or "Mazaska," which is Dakota language for money. I have some scrap lumber lined up and hopefully that will do wonders for me. I figure I just need to pick a place for the shed and get some railroad ties for base and get started. I have a perfect spot in my mind, but there is one problem... there is an apple tree there! haha. What does a person do?? chop down the apple tree? pick a different location? hmm.. another question to ponder.

I started my Masters during June. I am taking 2 classes, SPED 703 and EDER 761. the SPED class is done July 2nd and the EDER class is done August 1st. Good stuff. Luckily for me, the school is paying for me to get my Master's right now and its great. I really do appreciate their willingness and the efforts put forth by the school. They have been a great community to work with and have given me great opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Well, thats about enough to bother you with for now. I'm off to play organ for a 10 year ordination celebration for Fr. DeWayne Kayser. I wish him many more years as a faithful priest of God! AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM!

Monday, June 2, 2008


As promised earlier today, here are some garden pictures:
Here's a view of the whole garden. See the hose and the sprinkler all ready to water!

Here's the north side of the garden with the bird bath and some plants that are wiating to be put in the ground. The larger of the two containers are pumpkins from North Carolina, so i'm wiating for super warm weather to plant it. The smaller container is melons. I'm waiting to see how big the other plants around there get so i know where to put them.

Here's the existing deck out back of my garage. My plan is to pretty much leave it, except take the railings off the front and add the new part of the deck further out. See that garden cart further out? thats about as far out as I'd go.
Here's a closer up view of that area. The cart and tree would be just beyond the end of the new deck.
See my pretty lilac bushes? this is what I love about my back yard. I'm hopingt o enjoy them in the summer more and more! They aren't fully bloomed yet, just a bloom here and a bloom there.
Well, more on the placement of the garden shed later. Maybe y'all can vote for your favorite location and make the decision easier for me?

Only I would require 3 satellite trucks...

I had dish network satellite installed today. Only I would require 3 vehicles (2 vans and a pickup) to install ONE dish and a 2-tv receiver! haha...
But seriously, it wasn't that bad. Only the orange van was here for my call. The other two vehicles were here to get parts from the orange truck.
Eden, SD is literally in the middle of nowhere, it seems. Ironic that there is a "DISH INSTALLER CONVENTION" in my driveway! haha.
Oh the joy of the day! Oh if it weren't raining, i'd get pictures of the garden. We need the rain, though!

Gardens, Sheds and decks!

Greetings all. I have been absolutely horrible about updating my blog as of late. I've yet to figure out what this blog is going to be all about, other than me. I am a simple country boy who tries to live out his Catholic faith and continue his rodeo'in, ranchin' and country livin' the best I can.

Today's blog entry (obviously the first in many months!) is going to be about the joys of home ownership. My father and I recently signed a Purchase agreement for my grandparent's home. Its a 1977 ranch-style bungalow.


I planted a garden. I don't have pictures as of yet, but I will update as soon as I can.

I'm also working on building a garden shed to keep my mower and everything in. I'm not sure the exact size or anything, but i'm planning on doing it 'green' by using as much recycled items as possible. I'm also going to put some windows in it, so that I don't have to put any lighting in.

There are also future plans to expand my back deck. It shouldn't take too much work, but i'm hoping to have it done soon. I have lilac bush out back and would love the deck to expand near that. I also hope to begin morning time out on that deck. It will be exciting!

Well, stay tuned. I will load pictures of my projects as soon as I can!